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Welcome to Precision Nail Lacquer.

PHONE 07809767036 or E-mail: for more information

Nail salons wholesale price order.

Original Precision

Seasonal Colors

Precision Treatment

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The Next 'It' Girl
Product code: C01
Wait a Melon For Me
Product code: C02
Pur-fect FX
Product code: C03
Honey Dew This
Product code: C04



Surfin' in Malibu
Product code: C05
Pink with a Wink
Product code: C06
I'd Love To Hate You
Product code: F01
Poison Ivy
Product code: F02
Product code: F03
I'm Addicted to You
Product code: F04
Toxic Wast-ing My Time

Product code: F05
Till Death Do Us Part

Product code: F06
Taupe It Off With Sprinkles
Product code: G01
Hazel & Gretal

Product code: G02
Red Velvet Cupcake

Product code: G03
After Dinner Mints
Product code: G04
Shake Your Bon Bon
Product code: G05
18 Carat Cake
Product code: G06
Lime A Dozen
Product code: N01
Got An Idea?
Product code: N02

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