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JK Formica Manicure black

JK Formica Manicure black

£245.00 £220.00

– Professional  JK manicure table for beauty salon

– This is a new curved nail station. It has been sold to USA and other countries for years, so the beauty design of it develops all the time.

– It is made of timber fly wood and formica skin. You can mail and ask the quality of it from my customers.

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– Air filter 220 volt

– Comfortable armrest

– Mounted on wheels to provide easy mobility

– Construction with laminate (formica) to prevent damage from chemical spill

– 3 drawers for storage and 2 storage compartment

– Large polish rack

– 1 hole for lamp, 1 hole for drill bit

– The packaging of the manicure table are 3 boxes:

  • 1 box (manicure table top) 100cm x 47cm x 14cm = 20kg
  • 1 box (two legs of manicure table) 47cm x 41cm x 58cm = 20kg
  • 1 box polish rack

Note: Some item on table just for photo are not included


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