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Digital UV / Gel Lamp 36

Digital UV / Gel Lamp 36

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The UV LED lamp is a little quicker but the this Digital UV / Gel Lamp 36 w is quality in finish. Warranty work perfect to any gels any branch any color .

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1. Professional UV Nail Curing Lamp for Salon Use.
2. 36 Watt (4x9w) UV light cures gels fast.
3. Cures Gels in as little as 90 seconds.
4. Features: Automatic timers (0-600 seconds), Senor and a Fan.
5. Leaves nails with a beautiful smooth even finish

Directions: Before Using the UV Lamp, please be sure to fix all the accessories and UV Bulb well.
1. Power on, displaying “180” seconds on timer panel.
2. Set:

  • Press “Set/Stop” button first time: the indicator “Lamp” turns Red, and the UV Lamp gets ready to work.
  • Press “Set/Stop” second time, the indicator “Fan” turns red, and the fan gets ready to work.
  • Press “Set/Stop” the third time, the two indicators “Lamp” and “Fan” turns red, and the UV Lamp and fan are ready to work.

3. Timer: Set the time by “Timer +” to increase and “Timer -” to decrease, 5 seconds for every time. The timer range is 0 sec – 600 sec.
4. Start: After setting the function you need, put your hand into the lamp to cover the sensor, it will turn on automatically. Or you can press “Start” to work.
5. Stop: Please press the “Set/Stop” button to stop working if you need.
6. Power off, if you don’t use the machine.

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